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1. The Internet store [“Store”] engages in retail selling via the Internet pursuant to the present set of rules [“Rules”].

2. The owner of the Store - Daria Kolomeytseva is based in PL, Warszawa, 00-199, mazowieckie, Pokorna 2, NIP: 5252703844 , tel. +48.733180513 , e-mail info@arkashadasha.com.

3. The Rules are an integral part of the contract of sale concluded with the Customer.

4. The conclusion of a contract of sale is conditional on the Customer’s accepting the Rules.

5. Prices given in the Store are gross prices.

6. The goods available from the Store are free of physical and legal defects. 



1. Orders can be placed in the following manner:

a) using the form available on the Store’s website,

b) by e-mail to the address available on the Store’s website,

c) by telephone on the numbers intended for the placing of orders, available on the Store’s website on the Contact tab.

2. A condition for the fulfilment of an order is that the Customer supply data making it possible to verify the Customer and the recipient of the goods. The Store confirms acceptance of an order by e-mail or telephone. The Store has the right to refuse to accept an order, to restrict the method of payment or demand an advance payment, if the order gives rise to justified doubts as to the accuracy and reliability of the data supplied or the method of payment.

3. The parties are bound by the information given on the Store’s website next to the purchased product at the time of placement of the order, in particular the price, product description, product features, elements included in the set, and time and method of delivery.

4. The information on the Store’s website does not constitute an offer within the meaning of the Polish Civil Code. When placing an order, the Customer makes an offer to purchase the specified goods. The contract of sale is concluded when the Order is confirmed by the Customer by clicking the confirmation link in the e-mail sent to the Customer by the Store.



1. You use any method of payment available on “Methods of payments” tab on the store website.

2. Shipping prices are specified in the delivery price list.

3. The giving up of goods is conditional on payment for the goods and shipping.


Dispatch of goods

1. The Store sends ordered goods through delivery firms (e.g. the Polish Post Office or a courier firm).

2. In case of a payment card payment a lead time shall be counted from the date of a positive authorization of transaction by bank.

3. In case of payment by any method other than cash on delivery, the time until dispatch is lengthened by the period between the placement of the order and the date on which the due amount is credited to the Store’s bank account.


Customer complaints

 1. A customer complaint is accepted on the basis of the Customer’s presentation of proof of purchase of the goods (till receipt or VAT invoice).

2. If the goods are not in accordance with the contract, the Customer should send the defective goods back to the Store together with a description of the defects.

3. The Store will take a decision on a Customer complaint within 14 working days of the time when the goods are returned together with a description of the defects. If verification of the defects requires an expert’s opinion or representative of the manufacturer of the goods, the time available for the Store to take a decision is extended by the time taken for the Store to obtain such an opinion.

4. If the resolution of a justified complaint involves sending a new product to the Customer or remedying the defects, the costs of delivery will be paid by the Store.

5. Individual settings of the Customer’s computer and monitor causing erroneous or distorted display of information about goods (e.g. colours) cannot form the basis for a complaint.


Right to renounce the contract

1. Pursuant to the Act of 2 March 2000 on protection of certain rights of consumers and on liability for damage done by hazardous products, the Customer has the right to renounce the contract.

2. The right to renounce the contract is effective if the Customer makes a declaration of renunciation to the Store within 14 days of collecting the goods.

3. The Customer shall return the goods to the Store within 14 days of making the declaration of renunciation of the contract. The returned goods should be intact, meaning in particular that they should be complete, in the factory packaging, without signs of use. The costs of delivery are paid by the Customer.

4. Within 3 working days of receiving the package, the Store will check the state of the returned product.

5. Within 7 days of checking the goods, the Store will repay to the Customer the amount paid less costs of fulfilling the order. The Customer should indicate the bank account number to which the repaid amount is to be transferred.

6. Should the Customer breach the conditions laid down in paragraphs 2 and 3 above, the declaration of renunciation will be void, the goods are not returnable and the Store will not refund the paid amount to the Customer.

7. The Customer does not have the right to renounce the contract in the case laid down in Article 10(3) of the Act specified in paragraph 1 above, i.e. in relation to:

a) provision of services which were commenced, with the Customer’s consent, prior to the elapse of the period allowed for renunciation (this applies to cases of service provision, not sale of goods),

b) audio and visual recordings and those stored on computer data media after the Customer has removed their original packaging,

c) contracts relating to consideration for which the price or remuneration depends solely on the movement of prices on a financial market,

d) consideration having properties specified by the Customer in his or her order or with a close connection to the Customer’s person,

e) consideration which in view of its nature cannot be returned or is subject to rapid deterioration,

f) delivery of press publications,

g) services relating to gambling.


Protection of privacy

 1. When placing an order the Customer consents to the processing of his or her personal data solely for the purpose of fulfilment of the order.

2. The Customer may also give separate consent to receive advertising and promotional materials, including a trade newsletter, from the Store.

3. The Customer has the right to inspect and correct his or her data and to demand its deletion.


Intellectual property

It is not permissible to use any materials published on the Store’s website (including photographs and descriptions of goods) without the Store’s written consent.


Effective date and changes to the Rules

1. The Rules shall come into effect as of the day on which they are published on the Store’s website.

2. The Store reserves the right to make changes to the Rules, which shall come into effect as of the day on which they are published on the Store’s website. Contracts concluded prior to a change to the Rules shall be subject to the version of the Rules effective on the date on which the Customer placed the Order.


Privacy policy

We fully respect our customers’ privacy and ensure that their personal data is fully protected.

Personal data supplied to us by customers is processed by us within the scope of the permission given by them and in accordance with the law, in particular the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (Dz.U. no. 133 item 883 as amended). We store customers’ personal data on servers which ensure the complete security of the data. Only authorized employees of the Store have access to the database.

Every customer who has supplied their personal data to us can obtain full access to their data for the purpose of verifying it, modifying it or demanding its deletion.

The store does not convey, sell or lend its collected customer personal data to third parties, except with the explicit consent or at the request of the customer or at the demand of legally empowered state authorities in connection with ongoing proceedings.

Our Store also makes use of Internet cookies. These files are stored on the customer’s computer by our server, and supply statistical data about the customer’s activity in order to offer products matched to the customer’s individual needs and tastes. The customer may at any time disable the “accept cookies” option in their Internet browser, although it should be remembered that in some cases disabling this function may make it more difficult to shop at our Store.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, if we place links on our Store’s pages to other websites not administered by us, we cannot be responsible either for the content of those sites or for the level of privacy protection provided by the administrators of those sites. When deciding to navigate to such a site, the customer does so at his or her own risk. We encourage customers to read such a site’s privacy policy before supplying his or her personal to that site.

We send advertising and promotional materials to customers only if they have consented to our doing so. This applies in particular to the newsletter sent to customers if they have confirmed by clicking the link clearly indicated by us as serving to agree to receive the newsletter about current promotional offers, discounts and new products in our Store. These materials relate only to the products offered by our Store.

Please send any questions, applications and suggestions relating to the protection of your privacy, and personal data in particular, to info@arkashadasha.com or by telephone on +48.733180513.



We have prepared for You this document which you will find the rules of processing of personal data and the use of "cookies" and other tracking technologies in connection with the use of an online store onthetop.store

Information formal to begin with – the store administrator www.arkashadasha.com Daria Kolomeytseva, conducts business under the firm name "Daria Kolomeytseva" Pokorna 2, 00-199 Warsaw, NIP: 5252703844

In case of any doubts related to privacy policy, at any time you may contact us by sending an email to - info@arkashadasha.com


Short version – basic information

We care about Your privacy, but also about your time. Therefore, we have prepared for You a shortened version of the basic rules related to privacy protection.

· Creating an account in our online store, editing your profile, when placing the order by contacting us by subscribing to our newsletter, you provide us with your personal information and we guarantee You that Your data will remain confidential, secure and will not be disclosed to any third parties without Your explicit consent.

· We use Analytics tools such as Google Analytics that collect anonymous information about Your visits to the store, such as subheadings, which wyświetliłeś, the time you spend in the store or the transitions between the individual sub-pages.

· We use marketing tools such as Facebook Pixel to guide You advertising on the website Facebook.

· We produce card heat check your behavior in the store, such as a separate mouse button.

· The store is available in the contents retrieved from external services, i.e., YouTube videos. Reproduction of these materials is connected with the acceptance of cookies of YouTube LLC.

· We use cookies so you can comfortably use from the store.

If the above information are not enough for You, below you will find further details.


Personal data

Administrator of Your personal data in accordance with the provisions on personal data protection is Daria Kolomeytseva, conducts business under the firm name "Daria Kolomeyteva" Pokorna 2, 00-199 Warsaw, NIP: 5252703844.

Purpose, legal grounds and duration of processing personal data are listed separately for each purpose of data processing (see conditions below, containing a detailed description of the various purposes of data processing).

In connection with the handling of personal information you have the following benefits:

1. the right to demand access to their personal data, their rectification, Erasure or restriction of processing

2. the right to object to the processing,

3. the right of data transmission,

4. the right to withdraw consent to the processing of personal data for a purpose if in advance have given such consent,

5. the right to submit complaints to the Supervisory authority in connection with the processing of personal data.

These rights can be implemented in accordance with the principles set out in V. 16 – 21 RODO, contact us at info@arkashadasha.com. We may deny your request to implement some of the powers listed above, in a situation in which the implementation of this law will be in contradiction with the legitimate purpose of the processing of data. For example, we may deny your request to delete your personal data contained in Your order prior to the expiration of the limitation period of claims made through the shop contract.

Your provision of personal data is voluntary but necessary to create an account in the store to place an order, subscribe to the newsletter, contact us to terminate the contract or make a claim.

We guarantee You confidentiality of all transmitted data. We guarantee to take all security measures and protection of personal data stipulated by the rules on personal data protection. Personal data are collected with due diligence and, accordingly, is protected from access thereto by the persons for this purpose. Personal data are processed exclusively in the territory of the European Union.

We entrust the processing of personal data to the following organizations:

1. Home.pl St. Zbozowa 4, 70-653 Szczecin to store data on the server

2. FreshMail Sp. z o. o. al. November 29, 155 ° C, 31-406 Krakow – to-use system for mailings, in which processed data stored on the sending store

3. URANIA Office, Bonifraterska str 14, 00-213 Warsaw – for using an external Cabinet, which shall process the personal data provided on the accounts showing purchases made in the store.


The user's account. When you create a user account in the online store, you must enter your basic details like email address, name and password.

Your account information at any time you can change using the options available after logging in to your account.

The legal basis for the processing of Your personal data contained in user account is executing the contract on account maintenance in the store, which concluded with the administrator on the basis of the rules of the store.

Your personal data contained in user account are processed within a time of operation of accounts, that is, during the entire term of the contract on account maintenance in the shop, which was mentioned above. At any time you can make the decision about deleting accounts that will lead to removing your personal data from the database. Remember, however, that removing an account does not delete the data on the filed through the online store orders.

The data contained in a user account stored on the server count Home.pl St. Zbozowa 4, 70-653 Szczecin.


To place your order. Placing an order via a store, you must enter your personal data necessary for the implementation of the order, i.e. name and surname, email address, telephone number and address for delivery of your order. You can also specify additional information, such as information on economic activity. If you used these data in his account, these data will be automatically filled into the order form, while you always have the option of changing them.

The legal basis for the processing of Your personal data contained in the order for the manufacture of the contract of purchase and sale concluded on the basis of the rules of the store.

The data specified in the order form will be stored in the database of the store and they will be stored until the Statute of limitations of claims made through the online store the contract of sale. Every order is logged as a separate entry in the database. Besides the personal data are recorded details of the order such as order date, item and the cost of the order, chosen shipping method and payment.

Data collected in the framework of the orders are stored on the server included in Home.pl St. Zbozowa 4, 70-653 Szczecin. In addition, these data are transferred to the company Mail of Russia S. A. for shipping orders.


Invoice. If in connection with a complex order, we will issue You the invoice, we process Your personal data to the extent necessary for issuing an invoice. The legal basis for the processing of Your data in this case is to fill the legal obligation of issuing invoices. In addition, all of the invoice-invoices are recorded in the accounting records, therefore, Your data will naturally be handled within this documentation within the time period required by law.

Invoices are transferred to accounting company accounting firm URANIA, ul. Bonifraterska 14, 00-213 Warsaw.


The returns and complaints. If odstępujesz from the agreement concluded via the online shop or you file a complaint on the purchased products, you provide us with information contained in the form of termination of the contract or in the form of claims, and we processed these data in order to implement the procedure of withdrawal from the contract or the complaint procedure.

The legal basis for the processing of Your data in this case is the filling of legal obligations related to the procedure of termination of the agreement or complaints procedure.

Form of waiver agreement and the forms of complaint by us in the archive. The fact of the termination of the contract or of claims also noted in the shop system.


Newsletter. Through the store you can subscribe to a newsletter with information about news, promotions, products and services related to the store. To transfer the newsletter, Your personal data is processed in relation to the name and email address.

The legal basis for the processing of Your personal data, if a newsletter is Your consent is expressed by selecting relevant content checkboxa when you save the newsletter. Such consent can be revoked at any time, refusing to receive news.

Data is processed for transmission to the newsletter are stored in a database system for mailing lists on the server that is included in FreshMail Sp. z o. o. al. November 29, 155 ° C, 31-406 Krakow during the time of operation of the mailing list, I think that you will unsubscribe from newsletters that will delete data from the database.

Contact us by e-mail, naturally you provide us with your email address as the sender of the message. In addition, the message text you can enter other personal information.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data, in this case, Your consent as a result of contact with us.

Your personal data provided to us within the e-mail contacts are processed and used exclusively for processing Your request. The content of the correspondence may be subject to archiving.

Personal data is stored on the server mailbox account Home.pl St. Zbozowa 4, 70-653 Szczecin.

Cookies and other tracking technologies

Our store, like almost all other websites, uses cookies to provide You with the best experience associated with the use of the store.

Cookies are small text files that are stored on Your device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone) which can be read in our telematics system.

Cookies allow us:

· to ensure the smooth functioning of the store, you expect

· remember Your login details in the user account every time you visit the store,

· note Your settings during and between visits to the store

· increase the speed and security of store

· give You the ability to play content from external sources

· to improve the functions available to You in the store

· use analytical tools and marketing.

More information can be found below.

Cookies. Cookies can be divided into a private and received from third parties. If we are talking about cookies, we use cookies for the proper operation of the store and, in particular, for the following purposes:

· normal cart and checkout

· determine whether you are online or not,

· remembering your login

· to note the fact of the adoption of the Charter and agreement marketing.

Third-party Cookies. Our shop, like most modern websites, uses of the ability provided by external websites such as YouTube.

Playback visible in the service embedowanych a YouTube video connected with making cookies YouTube.

Third party Cookies are used within the framework of marketing activities and statistical data, which are discussed below.

Cookies used for analytical purposes. We use cookies to keep track of store statistics, such as number of people visiting the store, the type of operating system and browser used to view the store, time spent in the store, the pages you've visited an online store etc. We with Google Analytics. Collected in this regard information is completely anonymous and does not allow Your identification. We also carry cards heat check your behavior in the store, such as a separate mouse button.

Marketing. We use the Facebook Pixel, which is celebrated page is an online store that you visited, allowing us to continue to Get ads on the website Facebook.

Additional means of tracking. The engine shop is equipped with a plug that allows you to see You as the visitor of shop and also save a history of recently visited products.

The server logs

Use store associated with the transmission of requests to the server that stores the online store. Each addressed to the server are stored in the server logs.

The logs include Your IP address, date and time of the server information about your browser and operating system you use. Logs are recorded and stored on the server.

Data is stored in the server logs are not associated with specific individuals using the online store and not used to identify you.

The server logs are solely as auxiliary material, used to store management, and their content is not disclosed to anyone except persons authorized to administer the server.

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